Healthy Self Care Checklist

Every woman should have a Healthy Self Care Checklist focused on maintaining their own health and safety. Review the below checklist and check in with another sister friend to make sure your health and safety is a priority. If you are missing any of these items, make those items your priority Healthy Self Care Goals for this month.

_____ I read the labels of my feminine hygiene and cosmetic products to check for harmful ingredients

_____ I have thrown out all expired medication or outdated products

_____ I have had an OB/GYN exam in the last 6 months

_____  I have had a complete physical in the last 6 months

_____ I regularly conduct self breast exams

_____ I have access someone that can help me learn what healthcare resources are available to me

_____ I journal on occasion about how my body is feeling

_____ I understand and write down what my body needs to properly function (ie. Water, sleep etc.)

_____ I have someone I can share my health concerns with

______ I have taken 1 step towards asking for help with my most critical health concerns

Please share this list with a friend and check in with each other as often as possible until your checklist is completed.