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A Coalition of Women Say Read the Label SIS! Then #tossthetalc

Community organizations have rallied around the cry to notify more women of color about the dangers of using talc based products as a feminine hygiene product. A coalition of community organization leaders have been formed called the SisterCARE Coalition to promote the Read The Label SIS! #tossthetalc Campaign.

Cancer has been ranked as one of the leading causes of death for women in the United States according to the 2013 U.S. Census Bureau and the SisterCARE Coalition is committed to spreading the importance of reading the labels of talc based products and stop women from using them as a feminine hygiene product due to its reported link to ovarian cancer.



SisterCARE Coalition ‘Read the Label SIS!’ Campaign Supporters

Anana Harris Parris, SisterCARE Alliance

Noreen ‘The Science Queen’ Raines

Monica Simpson, Executive Director of Sister Song

Leah Jones, SisterSONG

Kareena Cumberbatch, R.N. & Doula

Veleda Cofield, Jack & Jill of Greater Atlanta’

Malika Redmond, Women Engaged

Dr. Zenobia L. Day, Heartbeat Markets & Joe Beasley Foundation

And many more…


Join Our Movement READ THE LABEL – #TossTheTalc


  • Go through your toiletry cabinets, read all your labels and #TossTheTalc immediately
  • Schedule your next annual OB-GYN examination today


  • Share this website with a friend and family member while asking them to Read the Label SIS! And #TossTheTalc
  • Visit our Read The Label SIS! #TossTheTalc CALENDAR of Events
  • Download our handout of facts and share them at every event and via your social media network
  • Elderly women of color need assistance. Please provide some SisterCARE assistance to an elderly sister who may be using Johnson & Johnson baby powder or Shower to Shower


  • Host your Own SisterCARE Gathering and invite our coalition members to share the information about this campaign
  • Invite one of our speakers to your organization’s meetings to educate your membership on how to read the labels and #tossthetalc
  • Draft a Press Release announcing your support of the Read The Label SIS #TossTheTalc campaign and notify

STEP 4: SisterCARE Read The Label SIS! #TossTheTalc Campaign Training

  • Sign up for our training sessions that will educate you and your organization members how to host your own educational presentations on reading labels and #TossTheTalc


Why Should Women Read the Labels?

Our self-care practices as women of color fuel economies through our basic purchasing decisions. Reading the label is a self-care choice that would completely change our purchasing habits if we understood the dangers of not reading the label and not tossing the talc in our house. When we realize are stuck in a limited self-care pattern that could potentially cost us our life, it is time to adjust our self-care behaviors… immediately. Read the label sis and toss the talc completely out of your house. This movement must start in our bathrooms and extend to the boardrooms. Women of color are worth it. We are worth it.”, Anana Harris Parris, SisterCARE Alliance

Many women are not familiar with complex names of chemicals or minerals used in everyday cosmetic or feminine hygiene products so they tend to ignore the labels. Not understanding what an ingredient is nor its’ effect on our bodies is unfortunately the norm. My mission as a scientist and a woman of color is to demystify the label and encourage women to get to know the dangers of talc as well as other ingredients found in cosmetic products.” Noreen ‘The Science Queen’ Raines, Scientist

I do not think women understand half the ingredients on many feminine hygiene or cosmetic products and they trust the brand name more than the ingredients. Many don’t feel the need nor believe they have the time to take moment to ‘read the label’ and #tossthetalc. They should read labels and #tossthetalc because of the growing health concerns due to the long term use of various products out there showing signs of severe damage to our bodies.” Kareena Cumberbatch, R. N. Labor and Delivery & Doula

It is imperative for women to read the label on the products that we use because our bodies are sacred vessels. Therefore, we must be fully educated on the ingredients and contents of products to ensure that we are making the best decisions for ourselves and our families. But reading  labels isn’t just about being informed. Ultimately we have the human right to self-determine. And in a world where the bodies and wombs of women of color have been exploited, oppressed and violated, reading the label is a revolutionary act. By reading the label we are exercising our human right to self determination.” Monica Simpson, Sister Song

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